he advancement of Internet of Things technology, micro-processing technology, sensor technology, and the pursuit of quality of life by the people have enabled the retail industry to quickly enter the era of unmanned sales. Intelligent devices represented by gravity-sensing unmanned vending machines have become Hot spots in the secondary market.
Based on its own strong load cell technology,DongGuan HaiBo Electric Measurement Technology Co.,Ltd  provides a variety of gravity sensing units through technical and production verification with many unmanned (smart) vending machine manufacturers in China.
According to the different application scenarios of the customer and the structure of the vending cabinet, a single sensor gravity unit, two sensor gravity sensing units, four sensor gravity sensing units, and output signals are divided into and digital components, and the core components of the sensor are provided. The strain gauges are produced by the company using imported raw materials and have superior performance. The gravity unit can cover a range of 10-120kg with an accuracy of up to 2/10,000, and provides performance customization for different temperature requirements and creep requirements.
 The gravity sensing unit can be used for occasions with intelligent management requirements such as open shelves and warehouse shelves.