Force Sensor
A force sensor measures the tension and compression forces which act on the sensor and is also referred to as a force transducer or load cell. WIKA offers force sensors in different technologies for a wide variety of applications and, with this, covers measuring ranges of 0 … 0.5 N to 0 … 10,000 kN. The best is to see our reliability and high quality standards for yourself.

Force sensors are used in numerous industrial sectors: Machine building, automation and process engineering are just three of many industry examples. Force measurement is also used, for example, in cranes and hoists, in agricultural technology and also in port logistics. This product diversity of force transducers is not only reflected in the applications and measuring fields, but also in the numerous geometric characteristics of the force transducers. requirements of high measurement accuracy are fulfilled. If your force measurement application requires an engineered approach, our engineers will be happy to design a customised solution for you.