Sher Beam Load Cell Kit
The Shear Beam Load Cell Kit by Hbsensor Factory is the ultimate solution for accurate and reliable weighing needs in industrial and commercial environments. This versatile load cell kit is available in alloy steel and stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity even in the harshest conditions.
It is best to have 30%-40% more capacity than needed. This weighing kit contains everything you need to build your scale (except the platform).

You can create your custom capacity scale with your platform of any material or size. Upgrade your weighing capabilities today and experience the difference the HaiboSensor load cell manufacture kit can make.

We offer a complete set of load cells that are easy to arrange and worry-free. We will customize them according to your requirements, whether you prefer digital or analog signals or need external amplifiers or instrumentation. Our team will also teach you how to use and calibrate the load cells, ensuring the most guaranteed products with our strong technical support.
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