DongGuan HaiBo sensor Co ltd,. is based in Dongguan City, we are a manufacturing and sales. We professionally focus on developing and manufacturing load cells, sensors, and weighing systems.. Our sales network covers whole country,and has been exported to international markets; we cooperate with more than 40 countries and regions. our products have characteristics like anticorrosive, waterproof, explosion-proof, shock-proof, lightning protection, etc. Our production lines have a maximum capacity to produce big quantities. we have a strong engineering team help choose types and any technology issues.high performance load cells to suit various applications and requirements. Haibo range includes beam-type load cells
,Single point load cells ,
Micro load cells,
Shear beam
load cells ,
torque sensor ,
strain gages ,
and more.
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Load cell can be applied to all walks of life, especially now the intelligent home products and intelligent storage shelf logistics,as well as intelligent medical reserves, intelligent vending cabinets,these are new industries, the traditional industry has the human body scales,industrial weighing, as well as a variety of other types of weighing,all there is about the weighing we can use the load cell,which can help us with the weight of the calculation of the complicated figures,to bring us the convenience of life, and to solve the difficulties we have in the project!

Our strong technical team can offer free technical support to customize any load cell to fit the customer's needs.

Load Cells of Types

Shear Beam Load Cells Force Sensor uses linear strain gages to measure bending stresses in precision machined steel and stainless steel elements. Rated capacities range from 25 Ibs. (11kg) to 40,000 Ibs.(18 tonnes). Also referred to as Z Beams, Tension Cells, and S Types, they are a versatile, cost-effective high-performance measurement solution for tension, compression, or tension/compression(universal) measurements.

Micro mini Flat bridge Load Cells

Micro weighing Low Profile Load Cells are used in applications such as industrial presses, automotive, web tension, aerospace, tank, bin and silo weighing, crane scales, coil drilling, structural test labs, line and mooring tension monitoring, and many applications in process control

Strain Gauge Load Cells 

Strain gauge load cells are a type of load cell where a strain gauge assembly is positioned inside the load cell housing to convert the load acting on them into electrical signals. The weight on the load cell is measured by the voltage fluctuation caused in the strain gauge when it undergoes deformation.

Weighing bridge truck scales of load cell 1Ot 20t 30t 40t

Main features: Alloy steel structure; bellows hermetically sealed by laser. nickel-plated, waterproof, and anti-corrosion, suitable for multiform environments and electronic platform scales.

Strain Gauge
 foil resistance strain gauge is mainly composed of substrate, sensitive grid, adhesive and protective layer. It is etched by metal foil with thickness of 0.005mm. The sensitive grid is very thin and can better reflect the deformation of component surface. Therefore, the measurement accuracy is high. 60-5000 ohm strain gauge can be customized; It is widely used in various weighing instruments, industrial force measurement, stress analysis and testing, high temperature melt pressure sensors and so on.