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What is a load cell? How does a load cell work?

What is a load cell? How does a load cell work?
First of all the types of load cells are divided into several categories
Single Point Load Cells
Shear type load cell
Miniature Load Cells
Force Transducers
Each type of load cell is used in different industries.

When we don't know how to choose a suitable load cell, the first thing we need to consider is what is the application of this load cell? Is it the traditional electronic scale industry? Or is it a smart home appliance? Or smart transportation industry? Or the smart medical storage industry? Determine the application of the program, probably we can give customers a basic determination of the selection program.

Determine the size ,we need to consider is the load cell in accordance with the location and installation details, we need to determine the sensor mounting holes are what size, the sensor size is in line with the customer's equipment?

Finally we complete the selection of a sensor for the customer based on commissioning as well as test samples.

Load cells are used in all industries today, all that can be combined with weight, we use load cells, today's smart kitchen appliances, smart sales containers, smart shelves.
We specialize in giving you free customized solutions for your projects.

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